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Tanner Lewis
North Port, Florida
Born in St. Croix, U.S.V.I. and moved to North Carolina at 14.  
Grew up on dad's Scarab Sport and then competitive wake boarding
led to working for some other race teams.
In 2014 found his way to the DoublEdge motorsports team.
Tanner is an entrepreneur  and inventor.
Lives with his wife Shauna. 


 Ryan Beckley
 Bradenton, Florida
Growing up in Key West , he always wanted to be in the boats that were racing for the World Championships. Now living his dream. His business Kinetic Animation is a multi faceted graphics company that specializes in Race Boat graphics and design.  He takes great pride in promoting offshore racing and DoublEdge motorsports in anyway possible. Putting together a 1st class, well prepared, competitive race team is his goal.
He lives in Bradenton, with his wife, Debbie, and two sons, Chris and Connor.



Nick Dorcich

Gilroy, California

After growing up watching his father race in the 80's and 90's, Nick has set his goals on being a championship condender.

Living in Gilroy, Northern California, he has also followed his fathers footseps into the wine making industry.





Chris Economides

Bradenton, Florida

With a family growing up on the water. Chris is and avid sailor, fisherman, diver, and boater.

He has quickly learned the ins and outs of all things racing.

Chris has already been behind the wheel for a few races and jumps at every oppurtunity to drive the raceboat.

He is currently attending Braden River High School where he'll be a senior in the fall of 2016. 





Connor Beckley

Bradenton, Florida

Boating since 8 weeks old, Connor can already name each raceboat and the drivers.

His favorite things are saying "Go Faster Daddy!" in the boat, falling asleep in the boat, and working on the boat with Chris and Ryan. 

In just a few more years you will likely see him in the raceboat's driverseat.



Debbie Beckley
Bradenton , Florida
Born in Point Pleasant, NJ, Debbie was always on the water with her family. 
Growing up on sailboats and motorboats before moving to Florida, she quicly took to the speed 
of offshore racing. Many times has Debbie been behind the wheel for testing the raceboat.
Now living in Bradenton with husband, Ryan , and two sons, Chris and Connor.


Ryan Beckley , Tim Kenny, and Dr. Mike Liddy at the New York City race in 2005. (The Twin Towers would have been in the background of this photo)

 These three have come along way from the Sarasota BMX track, where they all met almost 20 years ago. All accomplished BMX racers in there own right receiving national numbers respectively. They have traveled the country racing BMX now racing boats. Tim now a mechanical engineer for Aeros in Los Angles, and Mike is an M.D. in Ft. Lauderdale,  Both still go to as many races as possible.


Tim Kenny
Charlotte, NC
Having an mechanical engineering degree helps make Tim the go-to guy when it comes to getting things done. Tim is always on call when it comes to working on the boat and driving it during testing or races. Tim is a mechanical engineer. Currently residing in Charlotte NC, with wife Kristin and son Parker.